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there is this silence

you know there is this silence
that comes when you know
what you have in the crevasses
of your fingerprints
is right
those undulations of lust and love
curling away around the bend
around that knuckle
over your wrist
into your palm

and then you think
if whether the promises that were made long ago
those which are whispering across
the savanna of your skin
were true
were forever
the answer gliding over your arm
returning over the horizon of your shoulder
nudging against your collarbone
and resting on your neck
the answer making you smile

that voice diving into you
and you see yourself
running running running on the green grass
before letting go off into the blue
till you come to a rest
into this silence
of love
of sweet honey
of sweet honey
on this day
on this earth

By Kerem Durdag

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