poems, poetry, songs for the fools of zen, kerem durdag


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There is a simmering volcanic rage
which bubbles in your throat.
You have seen this boy shot at
the back of the neck, frozen
in midair, in the act of running
from the bullet, and then sprawling
across those dreams which
have no windows to look out of.
Blood from his mouth, over his
arm, the eyelids closing on a
world I am forced to forget and
forgive, the muscles relaxing
for the final time and then
the last breath reaches your
ear which snaps all the anger
for the bastards who kill, into place;
you are rage, there is no turning
back and you will kill too
and think it is now
right and you know I can't
stop you, I will not stop you,
don't ask me why
because that was my boy
and I choose to be rage,
I have not forgiven and want revenge,
just this one time,
there is no sense in all this
I know, this is rage
and till tomorrow I will not give it up.

By Kerem Durdag


Leave me alone world, leave me alone
      I am making love to a meteor
ask me nothing of your aching
      I am burning in ice, dust and fire
tell me not of your blood and screams
      I am meditating the future
hide from me your trivial champagne gossip
      I am riding a black horse oh hills of heaven
slip away your hisses of doom
      I am crying for mists of the past
pocket the bombs and rapes
      I am langouring under an open wombed sky
but stay
      whisper to me that the day will end well
      the dirt under my nails will disappear
dance with your soul around me
      we need to keep the darkness at bay
read in a loud voice, prophecies by lunatics,
      the aching of our lives needs to be swallowed
run over my back with your bare feet
      I need to know I am mortal
paint all your suspicion and doubt as graffiti on my arms
      I have to wade through rivers of hate
      there is hope in a drenching by romantics
leave me alone and stay
      at your discretion.

By Kerem Durdag